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Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology will use a traditional curriculum that accents the integrated quality of education. Indeed, all core academic areas are fully integrated, resulting in a remarkably authentic education that mimics the nature of society. Integrated curricula make studying individual subjects or ideas more relevant and related, creating a natural and authentic education that emphasizes biblical ethics, STEAM and character development.

During every child's elementary years, they must be challenged academically to prepare for their Middle School years. Our teachers are dedicated to giving every child the opportunity to be academically, socially, and emotionally the best they can be. Brilliant Minds elementary and middle school teachers are dedicated to challenging each student academically and providing them with multiple opportunities to grow socially and emotionally. Teachers are equipped with all the necessary resources to meet the school's academic goals and students' needs. In addition, classroom ratios are purposefully maintained low to provide individualized instruction better as needed.

Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology blends ​The Benchmark for Excellent Student Thinking ( B.E.S.T.) Standards and (CPALMS) to offer advanced academics tailored to meet each student's needs. Students in 6th thru 8th Grade enjoy a digital curriculum (iPad program), including standards-aligned content, resources, and assessments. A variety of tools/resources/experiences are employed by teachers and students to enhance learning, including, but not limited to, the following:

Supplemental program resources are used as part of the Curriculum (see below).

CPALMS supports teachers and students in various ways, including providing resources and tools engineered and optimized for distance learning. Our Curriculum incorporates fun-based learning that seamlessly integrates the components of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math - with the 4C skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity to real-world applications. Brilliant Minds individualized Curriculum covers eight content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Logic, Technology, Fine Arts, and Health Education. Each content area has state standards and benchmarks outlining specific content, knowledge, and skills that students are expected to learn in school by the end of every grade level. Teachers plan lessons providing students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of these standards and benchmarks throughout the year. Teachers are equipped with all the necessary guidance and support to ensure they have the tools to instruct students effectively and lead a high-quality program.

​The Benchmark for Excellent Student Thinking ( B.E.S.T.) Standards are broad statements describing the knowledge or ability that a student should demonstrate by the end of every grade level from first through twelfth Grade. The standards are subdivided into "benchmarks," which outline the specific content, knowledge, and skills students are expected to learn in school. These standards cover eight content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Technology, Fine Arts, and Logic.

CPALMS is Florida's collaborative platform that connects education stakeholders, researchers, subject matter experts, practicing professionals, ​and professional organizations to Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share (CPALMS)instructional/educational resources and interactive tools that support standards-driven instruction. CPALMS is Florida's official source for the standards, course information, and assessment information and serves as the dissemination platform for professional development and digital resources. In addition to the CPALMS website, the system disseminates tools and content through mobile applications, email services, SMS, Widgets, an extensive API, and just-in-time reporting and notification services. Some of the existing and planned standards-based tools within CPALMS include an interactive lesson planning tool, a peer and subject matter expert review process and system, a dynamic and interactive curriculum planning system, an interactive learning progression mapping tool, a formative assessment task builder tool, digital resource recommendation and authoring tools, a differentiated instruction tool, a professional development system, a lesson study support system, and many others.

Math- Middle School students solidify concrete math skills and enter the world of abstract thinking with the Saxon method of pre-algebra. They perform probability multiplication, solve slope-intercept equations, and calculate compound interest. This firm foundation enables them to grasp and apply advanced mathematical disciplines throughout their lives readily.

Language Arts- In Middle School, students become adept at diagramming complicated grammatical constructs. They identify and correctly use appositives and pronoun antecedents, edit and correct errors in mechanics, and successfully choose when to use active and passive voice. These skills aid both reading comprehension and writing effectiveness.

Social Studies- Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology teaches students how individuals in history learned from the past and used knowledge to improve their lives. In sixth Grade, students explore themes of commerce and humanism. They study the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Reformation and their influence on the English, American, and French revolutions.

Logic - Thinking critically involves analyzing statements, situations, objects, or ideas. Middle School thinkers learn to recognize propaganda techniques and otherwise identify strengths and weaknesses of information to make independent, intelligent choices.

Science- The vast majority of scientific inquiry arises from a need, and nearly every innovation results from using the scientific method. Sixth graders learn from the discoveries of others in such areas as plate tectonics, astronomy, and ocean systems, and they apply the scientific method to make discoveries of their own.

Technology - In Middle School computer studies, the focus shifts from visual programming to processing lists and text. Students learn to handle user input and output. In the process, they grasp the fundamental difference between functions and procedures. They also learn how to nest functions, which teaches them to think several steps ahead.

Physical Education - Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology students learn various games, dances, and sports to apply the more significant concepts of physical fitness. Through flag football, soccer, and dancing, middle schoolers cultivate flexibility, power, and balance. They also work on coordination and rhythm as they learn basic choreography.

Fine Arts: Middle School students receive specialized speech, debate, and theater instruction. They perform choral recitations, give oral presentations for science and history, write and deliver persuasive speeches, and present an entertaining reader's theater program.

Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology strives to meet the following goals for each student:

Development of the student – Students will see their education as an incredible intellectual and personal journey. They will be independent, confident learners who meet rigorous academic and personal achievement standards, be excited by and crave learning, and be motivated to take the following steps in their education, community, and work beyond the school.

Academic Achievement- Upon the 8th Grade's completion, students will be able to demonstrate proficient or advanced competencies in Core Subjects: Reading, Written and Oral Communication, Mathematics, Science, History, and Social Studies as defined in the school's mastery checklists and the and the B.E.S.T. Standards. The student will demonstrate habits of self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, persistence, intellectual risk-taking, and independence.

Personal Achievement – Upon the 8th Grade's completion, students will be able to evaluate and reflect on their work according to defined criteria. They will demonstrate Christian-based values of grace, courtesy, respect, empathy for others, and responsibility. Students can plan and work toward achievable goals through self-directed activity.

Community Awareness – Students will understand their place within large communities and be able to contribute productively through peaceful attitudes, effective conflict resolution, creative problem-solving, responsible action, and purposeful follow-through. Students will have contributed positively to collaboration with communities through projects and events.

Social Development – Upon completing 8th Grade, students will comprehend and appreciate the community in different contexts (global, local, school, classroom) and demonstrate respect for all people and cultural aspects in diverse communities. Students will integrate and apply academic competencies, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to improve a community. Students will apply conflict resolution skills to achieve progress for individuals or a group.

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